SoCS 8-18-18

It’s still Friday night but since I have visitors at seven am tomorrow, I’m writing this now. I tried out a few words, but reading blogs, comments, etc, I picked critic and critical.


Reading blogs, I’m not critical

I know my own are fairly typical

Before you decide to be a critic

Try not to be too analytic

Everyone here’s doing their best

So nothing rude, even in jest

Course I’ve refused that bidding

Wrote a comment with intended kidding

But if I offended, ’twas not my intent

Hours of reading blogs are spent

If I see something I like, I like it a lot

Try to give the best comment I’ve got

Let you know I appreciate your thoughts

Or laughed till I’m silly, my eyes needed blots

There’s always those who think we’re wrong

That’s life, so take it with a song

That’s all for this time, have a great day

I’ll return to reading and scribbling away.


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