MLMM Tale Weaver #183 – Grartor – What?

“You think these will do?” Mary held up the stretchy elastic item for her boyfriend to judge. She had chosen the most common type, just utilitarian white, for her costume.

“What? Oh no, you need something much more dramatic. It is a contest after all. Everyone is going to be sporting the best they can find!”

“Even you, Joe?” She gave him that come hither smile he loved, always loved since they first met at the BeeGees concert years ago. “What do you think of these?” Mary held up a black lacy pair for his opinion.

Joe grinned, “now you’re talkin’, yeah.” Joe sifted through the collection of men’s garters and came upon some black with skulls, making his final choice. “These will go well with the tuxedo pants I’m wearing, what do you think?”

Mary agreed and went into the changing room to model her latest choices in the mirror. Yes, she thought, perfect. Paying for their purchases, they left the lingerie shop together.

As the couple dressed for the big party, Mary surprised Joe with the outfit she had chosen in secret. She coquettishly pranced into the room wearing a black and white French Maid’s outfit, complete with red lacy garters. Joe was very impressed. “Looks like a winning outfit to me!”

As the couple left their limo, they stepped inside the door to the party, instantly embarrassed to see what the other participants were wearing. Without exception, everyone was dressed in Florida Gators’ football outfits; some even had alligator heads, or masks.

Joe and Mary decided to walk in anyway, greeted by laughter and cheers. To top it off, they won the costume contest.


I have to add while looking for the items pictured below I came upon many an interesting photo of all types of garters which I’m not about to share here!😂 Or the woman’s version. . .😳This one is mild: