“Finish the Story Challenge” from The Haunted Wordsmith Part 2

I received this challenge, and you know how I love them, from the young lady at: https://thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com. How fun! I will nominate a blogger to join the challenge below. I’m keeping my part short, which is not usually a problem for me. So here we go:

Missing breakfast, Louise started to crave something filling and flavorful. She had tried the vegetarian diet and the cafeteria at the office had many salads to choose from, but today? Something hot, greasy and full of calories was going through her mind. . .should I be a few more minutes late? As she had these evil thoughts, her gaze turned to the McDonalds across the street.


I am asking Fandango at fivedotoh.com to continue from where I left off to do his worst.


7 thoughts on ““Finish the Story Challenge” from The Haunted Wordsmith Part 2

  1. Mmm…McDonalds. Now I want fries. I’d rather have grilled chicken than burgers. They used to have good grilled chicken but our local McDonalds can’t even cook the fries right 😦 Thanks for playing 🙂

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