SoCS 7-28-18

T for time. Finally asleep at two, then woke at four, asleep at five-thirty and woken at eight by the phone. Saturday, who calls at eight on a Saturday? My daughter, that’s who….and could I babysit today? When? Now.

Now she is my only daughter and I couldn’t love her more, but….they live three minutes away. I have that amount of time to jump- I say that figuratively- in the shower and be ready for my grandson. As it turns out I have fifteen minutes because he is walking and part of the sidewalk is closed for construction and the rainstorm has left huge waterways to avoid.

Amazing myself as to how quickly I CAN be ready, I unlock the door, take out hamburgers for lunch from the freezer, make peach iced tea and voila! I’m ready. Am I teed off I often get no notice before “company”? Nah! Otherwise I would be bored, lonely, and wondering why I was not asked in the first place!

Life is like the weather lately, one minute hot sunshine and you’re wishing for clouds and rain, then sitting inside because your wish was granted, only with thunder lightning and hail added. You have to enjoy the moment at the moment. Have a great Sunday!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 28/18


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