JusJoJan 5 – Memories

Do you have an address book?  I have four. From the first years of marriage up until the last few years I have maintained an address book.  The last one is practically shredded and is no longer attached to its cover.  There are multiple crossed out entries, changes to their addresses penciled in. I started out with ink to keep the favorites, but as fifty years passed, the pencil versions were better kept.

The memories an address book brings up when you look at it. . .some people no longer with us here on earth, is sad.  The addition of married names and their new babies is always a happy one.  Kids growing up with new school addresses, or apartments and homes of their own, so many changes.

It’s a reminder how fast things change.  All the crossed out old addresses, added spouses and children tend to let you know you’re aging.

The most tender memories are the friends you’ve moved away from, the fun things you used to do as couples, the good times, or relatives,  thinking of past visits.

I keep all the old address books because they’re like a photo album of memories.


10 thoughts on “JusJoJan 5 – Memories

  1. I still have the address book I brought with me when I came to US from Hong Kong 40 years ago. I also keep the directories of all the groups I belonged to, such as church, choir, schools. I look at them once in a while. Yes, there are so many names and faces of people who have gone to a better place – memories!!!

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  2. I have only 1 address book and it is full of bits of paper and crossed out addresses and dead people’s addresses. I can’t bear to throw it away. Like your, it has too many memories.

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  3. I used to have an address book – had it for years and years, it got all beaten and battered too. But you are right about the memories it conjures – good for you for keep them (still).

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