Advice Needed

I usually use an iPad for all posting. Lately I must hit something strange because the letter or pic, whatever goes very large. I can’t pinch it down into original size. The only thing that works is to turn it completely off and hold down buttons until the white apple shows up. Then I have to wait for it to reset itself.

What am I hitting to cause this and is there a shorter way to get it to return to normal than I just described?

I would appreciate any help and suggestions. My iPad is set so I can pinch or spread the field in settings.




16 thoughts on “Advice Needed

  1. If you double-tap in some screens, the screen zooms. Perhaps you need to look at the settings as to what constitutes a double-tap. I believe you can change the timing. Faster is less likely to cause false zooms.

    You should also be able to double-tap to reset the zoom level.

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