SoCS July 7, 2018

Writing this Friday, playing catchup. Wifi has been in and out so I have lots of emails to read since they all plopped on my server this morning. Sorry to have missed some prompts, etc. I wrote two posts, well actually three about the problems I’ve been having. Finally completely defeated today by them and other crap, so I am looking forward to this evening of quiet.

My fifteen yr old grandson will come over tomorrow to help me do some lifting and mopping, and spend the night. I’m sure the first words out of his mouth will be “what’s up, grams?” And I am prepared with food because he’s a vacuum at his age! The “sup” will probably be hamburgers or spaghetti, his choice. His fave veggie is corn so that’s here too. If the scooter holds out we’ll go the half mile one way to Safeway for beef broth. I’m making a pot roast for company on Sunday. As long as he’s not in trouble for a usual teenage reason😳🙄we’ll watch a couple of DVDs. I recorded all of the Matrix series and he hasn’t seen them so maybe those? I’m looking forward to his visit.