MLMM First Line Friday 7-6-18

Bobbie Jo wouldn’t know class if it crawled into her knockoff Prada and went home with her.

Being from ranch country in Texas, Bobbie grew up doing chores, wearing jeans and sweat stained cowboy hats. She was indeed a hard working girl, but in her off time she would pull out her secret copies of “Seventeen” magazine and dream of a better life. Graduating from high school she never took her eyes off the prize. Her folks surprised her with a bus ticket to New York City to see her cousin Lulu. Bobby and Lulu were the same age but led very different lives. Lulu’s side of the family was wealthy and Lulu was often spoiled, but still had a pleasing personality. Bobby Joe on the other hand, worked hard for everything with no reward except for this bus ticket to what she dreamed would be a new life.

Bobby had no intention of returning to Texas, the ranch, or her family. She decided she would make it or break it in the big city and that is exactly what happened. Her naïveté was obvious to Lulu but she couldn’t convince Bobby to be careful. Lulu’s parents were unaware of her cousin’s plans and very used to the calm behavior of their own daughter. Having no reason to be suspicious, they gave the girls free rein.

Bobby Jo was beautiful and well versed in the ways to charm young men. The nearby hangout in NYC was a coffee shop frequented by college age and older men. Bobby made use of her charming ways and when approached by a photographer to use her as a model, she went willingly. Lulu had other plans that day but suspected her cousin could take care of herself. Making the photo appointment Bobby raided Lulu’s closet and chose what she thought would be appropriate. The photographer had other ideas. As he approached Bobby a little too closely, he spoke of certain garments he wanted her to try on. He opened a closet door revealing racks of clothes and accessories. He suggested certain items he wanted her to wear for an advertisement.

Despite his forward manner, Bobby complied. As she turned and posed, he seemed pleased. Then everything seemed to go wrong. He was adjusting the purse strap and brushed her with familiarity. She stepped back, surprised. She thought she was braver than that, but he proved her wrong. Bobby became a small girl again, frightened, not the blasé personality she tried to portray. As he advanced in actions, she suddenly ran out of the room and out of his building. She completely forgot she was wearing the outfit he provided. She took a taxi home to Lulu and after paying for the cab ride, Lulu’s father was very perturbed by her actions, not just the photographer. He gathered the girls and drove to the photographer’s office. He stormed in demanding to know what happened. He also told Bobby to get her own clothes on and wait by the door. Embarrassed and upset she did as she was told.

Lulu’s father threatened the man. The man said she was flaunting herself and deserved what she got. Lulu’s father came back with “Excuse me but you are speaking to a young woman of class.”

Upon their leaving the photographer made the comment “Bobbie Jo wouldn’t know class if it crawled into her knockoff Prada and went home with her.”

At this point the usually gentle father punched the photographer in his perfect nose. At least it used to be.