MLMM Photo Challenge #220

She could do it in the dark, no one around, she could do it now.

Blow it out she thought, blow it all out in one acrid breath

Blow away the hate, the frustration, the disappointment, the fear of more to come.

Keep pushing it out, away from you, she thought. Don’t hold them in.

The mind will try to control your breath, making you stop.

Keep blowing out the bad till your lungs feel like they will burst.

And when you feel able, stop.

Look around you, see where you are.

Is the darkness gone, releasing a bit of light’s promise?

Are you ready to start again?

Then slowly, slowly start a small breath in.

This breath is sweet and soft, restoring your lungs, take in the hope

Let it renew and fill your lungs and go into your heart

Slowly taste the power of the new, the ability you once had. . .



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