MLMM Wordle #202

A pint of beer, a sleeping bag at the ready, a pennyworth of bread, and the wastrel was settled in for the night. The owner of the establishment felt compassion for these wanderjahrs, and this time of year there were plenty; young people wanting to have a lark before going off to study for the future. The tavern owner provided a room of sorts in the back of the building for them. Wanting adventures before they settle in to chase their future in life would never cease to bring out the wanderlust in young people.

This particular young man was almost breathless with the wonders he saw in these foreign countries. Being marooned in the depths of London in elementary years, he was chosen for a scholarship in a prestigious university, and the travels around Europe before the commitment, was a waiting dream. It would take some amount of metal for him to report to university in autumn.


**I used metal meaning strength. I’ve heard it used this way many times. However, looking up anything I could find to prove that is proper usage, I was at a loss. I decided to use it anyway.


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