Sunday Photo Fiction – Lunch Extraordinaire

“I can’t wait to get a drink! Hiking around this small mountain area, the air is so dry, I’m parched!” The cowboys were unfamiliar with this tiny town’s community but heard the hiking was wonderful and were not disappointed. They did notice there were quite a few abandoned houses, mostly in need of repairs.

Sitting down at the table of a small cafe, they looked forward to lunch. The waitress came out of the kitchen and asked if they would like to see a menu. “Yes, please, but could we have some water. . .right away?”

Waitress Jenny was used to this but followed establishment rule, having to ask first. “Certainly sir, I’ll bring it right out! Meanwhile, the specials today are sautéed tripe, pickled feet, and blanched tongue.”

“Uh, I think we’ll look at the menu first, thanks.” Joe looked at his companion with a smirk, “I hope the water’s good!” They didn’t see anything appealing, decided they would just ask for a hamburger. They couldn’t go wrong with an old fashioned hamburger.

They were very wrong.



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