MLMM Saturday Mix – Visitor (Language Alert)

Do you have a permit for that, buddy?

For what? I’m just sitting here.

Yes, for just sitting there, smartass.

Why do I need a permit?

It’s called loitering, asshole. It’s forbidden to sit on the curb.

But I’m not doing anything! I’m just a visitor in your town and needed a rest. Surely I can just sit here.

Okay, stand up and show me your ID!

The boy stands and makes the mistake of reaching inside his coat.

The town’s self appointed host unholsters his gun and yells, don’t move another inch!

But I’m getting the ID you asked for and freezes his arm in place.

The host yanks the arm out of the visitor’s jacket and the ID spills onto the gutter.

As he bends to retrieve the ID, the gun wielder yells, sit down!

The visitor sits back down on the curb. That’s what I was doing in the first place.

You say another word and you’ll feel my handcuffs, as he read the ID information. The visitor was a teen ambassador from Canada. Damn transients, the man muttered as he returned the information.

The unwelcome visitor moved on.