The Secret Keeper #146

They removed the fuse from the old metal box on the partial basement wall knowing the entire house would remain dark. Even the locked gate would be cut by their pocketed wire cutters. Their plan was to sneak in and retrieve the money box, presumed safe in its hiding place.

The role of these two ne’er-do-wells would soon be discovered, as they were unaware of Old Blue, the well trained attack dog. Old Blue heard them coming, had seen them rise out of the basement earlier in the day. He had been military trained and sensed the two were up to something.

His master’s nephews were always in trouble. Blue wondered why they were sneaking in at night and realizing his master was sleeping, decided to lay in wait under the darkened steps.

The boys who thought even Blue was too old to not be asleep for the night, slowly made their way up the steps. Just as they reached the door, Old Blue came leaping out, his loud basset hound rumbling bay scaring the boys in the dark. As the boys ran in fright, they ran past the now jagged wire lock on the gate, and received a nasty wound along with torn jeans. This evidence was questioned by their parents revealing their plan and guilt. What they thought of as a prank on their uncle, had turned into a trap.

Weekly Writing Prompt #146


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