FFftPP 6-13-18

This my life. Smoothly going down like a warm brandy in your throat. The escalator going down is my life today.

Last night I didn’t know it would all change. Promises, feelings of attraction, passion, and hope. We had been together for six months, and in the beginning of what I assumed was a lasting relationship. I found out last night the escalation came to an abrupt stop when the power failed. I stumbled off the top of the stairs and lost my balance. My now lost love walked away leaving me stranded.

After a sleepless night I returned to our first meeting place. Was I wishing he would regret his decision and surprise me there? It was the coffee shop at the top of the moving stairway. I looked for him all the way up. Reaching the top, searching our initial meeting place, my hopefulness disappeared and I turned around to step onto the descending escalator.



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