Prompt 1: Mysterious

It was the first night of the dreaded initiation into the SMS group. Harry was a nervous wreck. Since Jerry joined the Solve Mysterious Stories group, Harry felt he’d made a mistake asking him. It was Harry’s idea, who joined after he lost a bet from his club of mystery buffs. How could he renege on the bet? Jerry wasn’t a mystery buff persay, but Harry begged him to go.

The night was almost completely black but they were carrying flashlights as they sneaked up close to the ominous building. The old church was supposedly haunted itself, but there was also a large cemetery alongside the main structure.

Both young men were called nerds by their fellow college students. This night gave them the opportunity to prove, at least to the club, that they were worthy. As they approached the church, eerie feelings crept up their spine. They were at the door, they just had to open it.

The old door’s rusty hinges creaked as in horror movie predictability. The inside was lit with one large candle sitting upon an ornate wooden stand at the altar. Slowly entering the two found their flashlights unusable. They huddled together as they walked towards the candle. A sudden wind from nowhere snuffed the candle out and they gasped in unison.

Darkness and silence suddenly disappeared with the appearance of a disco light ball and the sounds of “Thriller” over a loudspeaker. Shocked, the young men sheepishly joined in the laughter from their classmates.


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