Does anyone else have this problem?



Okay, never mind answering.  Whenever I ask that question, the answer is always “No!”  Last night I was sitting here minding my own business and tried to post something.  Niet,  nada, no can do, sweetie…..wifi was out.  I checked the router, unplugged, etc, you all know the routine, and Internet just kept blinking red.  I’ve decided that after ten o’clock when all is supposed to be quiet in apartment complex land, that without wifi I am dead in the water.  Why not use your cel phone, you ask politely?

Because my fairly new phone, okay I bought a refurbished one on Amazon, was dead.  I saw it going under so plugged it in and it just gave up the ghost.  So basically without either device I am stranded.  I have no recourse except to go across the hall and wake up neighbors if I need help.  Which let’s face it, would not work, unless I crawled over there…I am in a wc and the only reason I would really need help was if for some odd reason I fell and couldn’t get up, which I can’t.  Go ahead, take a respite from this blog and laugh!  I don’t mind.  I AM one of those “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” people.  I hate to admit that, but it is true.

Back to the problem… I made two mistakes yesterday.  Not ordering a new cord and battery for my phone and two, clicking on “update” for WP.  I don’t seem to learn.  I am an old dog and I don’t like new tricks.  Now I have to go through someone else’s post to get to my site, until WP decides to accept me with a user name and password I’ve had for over a year. And yes, wifi came back on this morning at five.  Notice how all hell breaks loose on the weekend when no offices are open for assistance?  Well that’s been my experience.  Kids never get ill during the week, accidents never happen then either…right?

My family is out of town.  My daughter brought me an “old reliable” phone, not a smart phone, in case I need to call for help, and a different cord to charge my dead (smart phone – I use the term loosely, or is it the user that is not smart?) phone.  If all else fails I can use “old reliable” to call my grandson who’s always available. . .the oldest one, the firefighter.

One more thing, have you ever had problems trying to register or reregister any device on the net?  Thought not, it IS just me after all.  (Sigh)

I added the pretty bird so you’d at least have something nice to look at.


15 thoughts on “Does anyone else have this problem?

  1. Something funny happened to me at WP yesterday. When I clicked on a comment, tried to reply, the comment was as wide as the width of my blog. I scared me. I got on some blogs that I followed for a long time, it got me unfollow. It happened many times and I have no energy to go after them. I also got logged off and had to go to my email to find someone who made comments and click the comments to get back on my blogs. Sometimes I could open my blog but the comment notification bell and the Reader are gone and I had to go to WP to log in. I can go on and on with their problems.

    Hope everything is well with your technology. Have a nice Sunday!

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    1. Eureka! My phone is charged, received the text msg with the code to use the app. Alas right with the world, well at least my tiny corner of it….for now 😌


  2. I have the internet drop out every once in a while, it can be very frustrating. I think WordPress updated last week and I have it on auto so I don’t notice it. It just informs me that it’s updated.

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  3. Every once in a while my router “blinks” and I have to cycle the power, but other than that, I don’t have home connection problems. I usually compose blog posts using a plain text editor and write in HTML. That way, I can include links and such before I even open up a WP “Add New” window.

    I also usually compose on a desktop. I know. Call me old fashioned, but I like the bigger screen and a real keyboard.

    Once I’m ready, I cut and paste from the text editor to WP with the text tab selected. Then I save an edit.

    I’ve never had WP “forget” I was me, so maybe it’s using an app on an iPad or phone vs. having WP open in a web browser.

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  4. I have the internet connection issues frequently, Cheryl. The charged phone not so much, although without the internet connection it isn’t really that much use.
    But… there’s an update to WordPress? I’ve noticed the menu options on the app are now at the bottom (which I still haven’t got to grips with yet) but haven’t seen anything for an update…

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