MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 41 and Prompt: Integrity

“Quiet protest”, she thought, “that is what will work on them. The need for understanding the issue. . .it has to work, it’s been ignored too long”. These were the thoughts that ran through Jenny’s mind as she sat at her computer. She was researching past protests, what worked, succeeding to change closed minds, anything to further interest in the goals of her group of young friends.

Jenny looked up the history of protests involving her latest subject, man’s lack of maintaining a balance of faith and action for the disadvantaged. She did not belong to any segregated religious groups, and did not take religious texts at face value. Jenny wanted to delve deeper into what she thought was the basic tenet of living a fulfilled life. She practiced this tenet every day, helping in homeless shelters, working at a food kitchen, and helping people who seem to have lost their way find productive employment. Jenny believed the path to integrity was believing in people’s inner strength and working to bring that out.

Organizing a quiet, non violent protest was one of the ways Jenny hoped to inform and recruit more individuals to walk alongside her and also feel the reward of loving your fellow man.