MLMM Photo Challenge 217 – Felix and Miss P

She was done. He observed her from the kitchen window, admiring the result of his work. What was she now. . .a pile of flesh and bones was all, nothing important. She was now defused, a small heap of useless disappointment. He licked his paws matteroffactly, and straddled the sill for a nap.

Felix was one of the rarest of individuals, cursed in his youth in the 1600s, he had the ability to transform into a cat at will. This trick used to bother him, hundreds of years ago, scared him actually, but over time he had learned to use it well. This day he had accomplished with ease, the demise of Miss Petti Psychopath. Miss P had ruined many a life in her shortened thirty years and Felix thought it was time for her insane efforts to end.

Felix had sought out many of these demonic individuals, men and especially women. With his changing form ability he could dispose of them easily without fear of repercussions. He found Miss P on the Internet, and pretended to join her for companionship. After a few meetings, his handsome form and boyish charm no longer amused her and she decided to ask him to her apartment for one last tryst. Felix, being completely aware of her intentions, surprised her in their lovers’ embrace.

One quick turn of her small neck and it was over. He placed her in the sink and doused her with a caramel latte. He thought it especially fitting since covering her with the sweet concoction resembled her outside appearance hiding a dangerous persona.