Putting My Feet in the Dirt 26

I had to laugh when reading today’s Prompt from M, “the century of certainty”. Oh my goodness, has there ever been one? As time goes by quickly in these busy modern times, certainty goes by the wayside. Possibly sometime around 1953-1955, between wars was a pleasant time, but even then, the threat of missiles and bombs existed. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there was a time of certainty, one without famine, disease, war, poverty, homelessness, but I can’t pinpoint one, can you?

More of this article can be found at https://livinghistoryfar.org/farminginthe50s/

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  1. Hehe … it is but a dream. Sold to romanticize the past. Yet it is okay to dream …we are but mortal and should accept that. Better to love God, in our short time here. Can’t hurt anyway? Cheers Jamie

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