MLMM First Line Friday 5-25-18

“The thieves took everything except the dog.”

“Of course that was to be expected” Henry remarked, shaking his head. “Who would want that dog?”

In a beautiful country home Henry shared with his wife Gloria, the furniture was missing, the antiques handed down for generations, and the good silver, such as it was. Grandmother’s china, special glassware collected, everything gone, except the dog.

Returning from their annually scheduled vacation, the sad couple found nothing of even sentimental value in their home except the ridiculous life sized ceramic atrocity. A gift? Was that the intention, or a thought-to-be-clever jibe? Whatever it was intended it was still sitting in the living room, had always been a constant reminder of his mother in law’s obsession with it. For some strange reason, after her death, it was willed to Henry. It was a likeness complete with actual collar of the deceased around its neck.

Henry’s father being a widow fell immediately for this woman, a direct opposite of Henry’s mother. She was childless, brash, arrogant, and supposedly loved Henry’s father, even to death. She was obsessed with the aforementioned dog, a white poodle, and had a ceramic likeness made to honor the dog. She had a burial site in a pet cemetery which Henry’s dad and she visited often. Henry’s father had no love for any animal up until he met his new wife. He also never attended church even with pleas from Henry’s mother, but now attended regularly. Henry and his brother were amazed and saddened by their father’s transformation.

To come home to see nothing of their own life left, only that reviled ceramic dog, Henry was incensed. Gloria quietly agreed and without a moment of hesitation, the dog landed in the trash bin.


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