MLMM Saturday Mix – Best Laid Plans

“You call this fresh? My god, woman, this must have been baked a week ago!” Harvey Drudge was always dissatisfied with his wife’s cooking, baking, cleaning–well, just about everything about his wife of thirty-eight years bothered him. He was just plain sick and tired of her, his marriage, his life in general. It seemed to Harvey that he had worked hard all of his life and never had any time or pleasure for himself, just to do what he wanted, when he wanted.

“You grabbed the wrong loaf, Dear. That stale loaf I’m saving for dressing for a turkey dinner. The fresh loaf I baked last night is in the bread box.” Martha was also tired of Harvey, their marriage, her constant work at home to keep everything just the way Harvey expected it when he came home. She never spent outside the budget he laid out, never bought anything frilly on a whim, and never spent time sitting in front of the television. Every night she had dinner prepared precisely at six o’clock when Harvey would come in the door. There was no, “how was your day, dear,” no greeting kiss, just a sigh of relief as he would fall into the dining room chair.

Both people in this marriage are fatigued with their jaded lifestyle, but there may be hope in the form of a letter Martha received in the mail the next day. She was about to throw it away, just another advertisement she thought, when surprised to see it sparkle. She looked at it again, and indeed there was a sparkle emanating from the envelope. Martha quickly sat in the kitchen chair, thinking she was about to faint. She had never seen anything like it before. Trembling hands opened the envelope, slowly, with expectations of some thing suddenly rising out of the paper. The glow of the card inside was almost blinding her, but as soon as she put on her reading glasses, it appeared perfectly normal.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Drudge, you have been selected as the Grand Prize winners of an all expenses paid, including airfare, hotel, meals, drinks, and any outstanding fees, vacation to the island of Hawaii. Please reply immediately.”

Martha thought she was going to pass out! Shortly after, Harvey came home and was greeted by a huge smile on his wife’s face. “Oh, god, what has she done now,” he thought. Martha handed him the envelope. He noticed the glow, but opened it anyway, revealing the reason for Martha’s smile. Even Harvey found a smile creasing his face. The couple left the next day.

And as all things seem to happen in our lives which you can blame on Murphy’s Law, or fate, or just bad timing, they arrived on the island of Hawaii on May 5, 2018.

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