Body Talk

Is she laying on me? Why am I not in a ponytail? Ok, here comes the rubber band, thank god!

I think it’s an eyelash, I need it rubbed out, ouch! Too much rubbing. I’m turning red, I’m turning red!

I’m just being covered by the quilt, can’t hear a thing…

Is that dust? I think, I think….achoo! Ok, here comes another one, I always sneeze three times in a row.

Sure, then I cough, and that that a tickle? I feel a tickle coming on…I need a drink of water!

You guys quit complaining, we have it the worst. I have to be tucked under the pillow, makes me start tingling, while my twin is freezing on top of the quilt! Then the inevitable turn and I get flung up around the neck, landing on the face.

We girls have it bad too, squashed one side or the other, can’t she just lay on her back and let us breathe?

Yeah, we think that too. We’re all squashed inside and have to constantly shift all night because she can’t lay still, rolling from side to side.

Well it’s not her fault. If you vertebrae had been more careful and not gotten so damaged we could be comfy down here too, but constant shifting keeps us awake all night!

Bend, unbend, flop to the edge of the bed, snap up to the fetal position…you guys up top have it easy, we never get any rest.

Well at least you do have times of quiet, If she forgets lotion, I itch all night. I keep all of you covered, you know, I do my best.

Okay, enough, already! I have a lot of thinking to do tomorrow, so how about we do a little meditating so I can relax my neurons? Now repeat after me, sleep, sleep, sleep…


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