Sunday Photo Fiction 5-20-18

The tour guide held back to take a photo. He would need it for proof of their existence, and willingness to approach and enter the void, and for legal purposes.

Advertised as a life changing experience (indeed, as the guide chuckles to himself) the tour was a popular one, especially with Generation-X. Their ever virulent search for something new, better than they had seen before and unrelenting curiosity, drove them here to the “Venue of Promise”. Apart from their own lives needing to improve, was their hope for a better future for their children with a new and better world.

No one really knew anything about the VoP, but they felt obligated to give it a whirl. Thinking it was only a tour, they arrived by the hundreds. As the tour guide snapped the last photo of the most recent group fading into the lighted path, he could not help but think his leader would be pleased.

Mr.I Know Itall was proud of his OPST – over population solution theory. Of course, he and his tour guides were an exception.


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