Putting My Feet in the Dirt 22 (Rated R)

It was commonly known as the night of nin, but old hands at the game knew what it really was.

Joe looked at Mike who looked at Pete and all three young men looked at Marie. She was dressed in a red slinky dress, and ink hued hair with red pouty lips that caused them to adjust themselves.

Sweat started to bead on their foreheads as they anticipated the evening activities. The boys had attended this annual event since puberty, learning about it in an overheard conversation in the locker room.

The first time they snuck in the back to see what was going on, their hormones started to explode. But this was their third time and they came prepared with foil packeted items and a change of clothes. They had told their parents the age old story still believable today, that they were spending the night with each other.

Almost midnight and as they entered the old house, their eyes adapted to the red lights and smoky atmosphere. There might have been marijuana available, but regular cigarettes were as far as they wanted to go. Each boy wanted to enjoy the whole night without distraction. They learned this after their first visit two years ago. Inside they were excited to see more women like the one they saw out front, all dressed seductively and beautiful in the boys’ eyes. Each boy chose a companion and separate room for the night.

The boys did not realize and failed to listen to the total conversation three years ago, missing an important, life saving component. Each visitor to the establishment for the third time was required to participate in a joint activity with other “third years”.

The next morning, getting ready to leave, the boys were stopped by the guards at the door. “Just a minute, boys, you need to join the Master in the rotunda.”

Tired and ready to go home, they followed the guard. Inside the rotunda an old man waited on a large round shaped couch. The couch was covered in black and the old man was dressed in white. Parts of his body they could see were wrinkled, but his hair was still coal black and his skin a ruddy red. His eyes were piercing and black.

“I see you have enjoyed my establishment for three years. Now it’s time to pay for your pleasure…..and mine”, as he settled back with an evil sneer.

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