MLMM Wordle #197

I was the amaryllis of the relationship with the man I describe below. I learned, laughed, admired and still deeply love this man. I knew he suffered from depression, not a bad day type of depression, but an all consuming blackness. His negative attitude was spurred on by the neurochemical sequences misfiring in his brain. There was no escape from the depression, or the dementia he now endures. Any sort of happiness or mellow joking I was accustomed to hearing, have all but disappeared. He is rapidly descending into his own world, afraid of new things, and of course, the beast called death.

Actual material items he used to enjoy such as his computer, electronic devices and such, seem a mystery. A once bright and curious mind, solving problems and creating new products is no longer his forte. An untoward life, boring, unrelenting and disappointing lies ahead of him.

We still have a relationship, but a much different, distant one. I miss him, for now I only have glimpses of what used to be.

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