Putting My Feet in the Dirt 12 and 13

She travelled the neighborhood every day, making sure to observe every nuance of the assembled homes. She took on this job of what she named “neighborhood watch”, but in reality, she was more like Keeper of the Realm.

Miss Flibbertigibbet was the all knowing nuisance in an otherwise friendly community. She climbed onto her ancient bicycle outfitted with a seemingly friendly basket of flowers by the handlebars. Unknown to anyone but her, the flowers hid a camera and pad and pencil. If Miss F spotted any sort of misdemeanor against the housing development agreement, she felt it her (however unwarranted) duty to report it.

Her special interest was the few glass houses. The inhabitants of such structures were careful to appear immaculate at all times. Heaven forbid a rainstorm occurred while they were away, because after such an event, Miss Flibbertigibbet was on the prowl. Glass house occupants were in fear of the spotted speck. This was a violation in only Miss F’s mind of course, but letters were written and read by the development’s association. The association was mostly a jury of “peers” but there were a few older members of Miss F’s ilk.

Reported, written and delivered for the day, Miss F returned to her home, oldest of the neighborhood, at the end of the street standing under the shadow of a power station. After eating a modest dinner of soup and dry bread, she retired to her bed, notebook in hand.

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