Don’t you dare laugh!

Beautiful Cyranny in her cove, made a video of Montreal. Her voice is soft and sweet and has the bonus of a lovely French accent. Enjoy!

Cyranny's Cove

As part of my application to WOW Air’s contest, I had to make a 2 min max “travel guide” talking about Montréal…  I’ve NEVER edited videos before, and I would have gladly skipped this part of the application.

I hate filming myself too. I don’t have any problem watching myself, but I just really wanted to leave it to your imagination to guess what I looked/sounded like.

But hey, a dream is a dream, and I promised to give it my best, so I did.

You have no clue how long this took me to make… I can’t believe I spent so much time, and came up with just this, but at least, I have a video, therefore, I can enter the contest! Yay me!

Someone asked (yeah, I’m talking about you, Suze) if there was a way to support my entry in the contest… Well you can always…

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