TMAT 5-18

Most people my age have had a few, not just one defining moment in their life, but here’s a great one!

It was my third child coming. We already had two beautiful sons. My parents were visiting to help out. All night I was in labor, morning came–my mom took one look and said “you’re having a baby today”. I called the doctor, he advised staying home. He was golfing. By afternoon I was crossing my legs, actual advice from the OB nurse saying my doctor wasn’t at the hospital. Finally, with my husband running behind the gurney, made it to the room where our daughter was born. I write about her and her family here, often. She’s my lifeline.

5 thoughts on “TMAT 5-18

  1. That’s a great story. Daughters certainly do have a special connection with us.

    Every time I hear about a doctor telling an expectant mother to “wait” because he has something better to do it makes me think that the only people who should be allowed to have a license to be an obstetrician are people who have been through childbirth. That eliminates all the men, and experience counts! 🙂

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