SoCS 5-5-18

It’s a Letter for soccer, with all the added badges and pins displayed on a letter jacket. The letter jacket below is worn by my grandson who is graduating in two weeks. Yes, the S for South is upside down, since repaired.

I had fun helping students with high school letter jackets, rings, etc as a side job. When I worked in the old days–believe me, it’s changed a lot–in the jewelry department in a TX Wal-Mart, it was a small town. We had two high schools, fierce competitors, and we were allowed to make displays in the glass cases back then. It was my favorite activity. School colors draped under the available items and even a few petals, pompoms, etc was such fun to create. Sizing was important so the ring would last a while, but there were always the huge adhesive taped ones their girlfriends wore. There were few girls who bought a class ring. I bought my own in 1963, with an “emerald” stone and gold band since those were the school colors. I still have it.🐝



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