MLMM First Line Friday 4-14-18

The dance lessons were not working. Try as she might, her feet did not cooperate. All of her life she loved music, and when at home in her bedroom, she would sway to the notes, feeling like a delicate flower in the breeze. Her mind portrayed a beautiful ballerina’s dance as long as she didn’t open her eyes and look in the mirror.

Madeleine was a pretty fifteen year old girl, not as developed as most of her friends, still in the gawky stage, and shy. The shyness came from her parents’ attitude. It seemed to Madeleine that anything new she attempted was perceived as an affront to them and their tired lives. Being tall and thin, lacking confidence, and receiving no compliments from her parents, it seemed inevitable Madeleine would never be happy. Often taking refuge in her room, she listened to music, and danced with abandon.

Scraping together her saved allowance, Madeleine invested in dance lessons. She secretly attended on “library” afternoons instead of staying and studying. After a few lessons, the instructor pulled her aside and told her the dance lessons were not working. He added that Madeleine was a free spirit as far as dance was concerned and he admired her efforts, but she could never be a professional, it was too rigid. He also told her not to lose her individuality.

Madeleine was disheartened, but left the dance lessons with a boost of confidence to be herself.

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6 thoughts on “MLMM First Line Friday 4-14-18

  1. As someone with two left feet, I can sympathize with Madeleine. When I used to drink alcohol, after too much of it, I would dance and dance, and no one could tell me that I could not dance. I was sure that I was the best dancer in the place. Thankfully those days are over, and reality set in. The belief that all black people have rhythm is proven a stereotype in me. Lovely post, but sad, too. Yet, Madeleine ends up a winner! That’s what risking it all and finding self-love will do for us. Thanks.

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    1. You’re the second person to say it’s sad, but I didn’t mean it that way. She was lucky to have found a person who made her believe in herself, was what I was thinking.🌸


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