FFftPP 15

Hey, not bad for this part of the country!

Yup, it seems pleasant enough. Suppose we’ll find any rodents down there?

Maybe not, it looks very clean and neat from up here. Most country towns are, but if you want a large rat population, you need the city. People seem to ignore them or just give up on trying to control them.

‘Course that means plenty of food for us, eh, Henry?

Oh, Mattie, you always see the bright side of life, that’s why I love you!

Oh, Henry, this honeymoon is going to be sweet! Just look at those beautiful trees…


Hey! What was that, flew right by me!


Oh, Henry, I think I’ve been shot! My wing hurts terribly!


Mattie, dive, dive, dive!

The newlywed hawks dove into the nearest tree and hid out until Joey Smithers drew weary and headed back home with his birthday present. He carried the beebee gun carefully. Next time he would put more beebees in his pocket.


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