Daily Prompt:  Mystery

Again, first thought was PBS productions:  Masterpiece Mysteries.  I adore the masterpiece series, all of them.  It’s not boring, or hard to watch because of lewd language or extreme violence.  The actors are fantastic and you’ll fall in love with most of the   characters they portray.  There are no high gloss makeup characters but more pleasing to my eye characters to whom you can easily relate.  Here is a list of some I have enjoyed:  

Inspector Lewis


Foyle’s War

Miss Marple


Inspector Morse


Doc Martin


My favorites are Inspector Lewis, Endeavour, Inspector Morse, and Grantchester.  The relationship of characters in these particular series is what attracts me most. These PBS series are available with the PBS app and Amazon, also other television outlets.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Mystery

  1. Grantchester is my favorite…then it is inspector Morse……love all the rest you posted too! Can hardly wait for the new season of Grantchester. I have Poirot on dvd and Miss Marple. wishing for a family member to buy me doc Martin…..lol

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