MLMM First Line Friday

The horse came back alone. This wasn’t unusual, often she let him graze while she sat on the river bank. This day she had left in such a frantic state, James was worried when the horse walked up without her. Everything seemed intact, and the horse’s approach was casual.

James secured the horse and jumped into the car to find Marie. Their arguments were always traumatic, usually ending up with her storming off in some way, but this time he was concerned. After a tirade Marie would leave, but always return, embarrassed and seeming regretful. This was typical of their tumoultous relationship lately, but the returning horse was puzzling.

Driving quickly, checking the usual lanes she rode on, found no sign of her. His anxiety increased as he thought an accident might have incurred. He parked and pursued his search on foot. The river was full and rapidly flowing in this spring season and his fear heightened as he scanned the water.

Then he saw it, the blue ribbon, from the corner of his eye. Feelings of panic flooded over his being. It was laying there innocently, on the riverbank. He ran to it, picked it up and then searched the water for signs of her. Nothing. He held the ribbon, remembering she was wearing it earlier, caressed the blue satin, as if it symbolized her beautiful hair.

Marie had left it there on purpose. She knew he would come looking when she sent the horse home alone. She would never return to him, leaving him to wonder what happened, if she were even alive. After all she thought, he deserved to suffer.


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