MLMM WORDLE #189 – Dream Girl?

There was no malice in Charlie or in his plan. He only wanted to find someone, needed someone, desperately .

Charlie’s folks had no idea he was in misery.  They saw him through the lens of busy parents, and he tried to mask most of his teenage angst.

Charlie was a gangly inchoate in the realm of love, even puppy love.  He thought girls in general were traveling above the world in a different orbit, but lately he found himself attracted to a certain young woman. At first meeting he was instantly attracted. Her image overtook his dreams, even his daily routine. It seemed imperative he be with her.

He was not the boy who suavely walks into a room and slides into his desk. He observed others able to do it, but he just seemed incapable. Barring falling on his knees in front of his imagined beloved, he decided to take extra care with his appearance and go for it.

This day at lunch he approached his dream girl, daring to sit at her table. She ignored him. Charlie finally decided to say hi to her. She took one look, rolled her eyes, turned to her friends and laughed. Charlie left the cafeteria feeling like a helminth on a diseased plant!

He later realized he learned an important lesson . Possessing beauty doesn’t hide a hard-hearted person.

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