Sunday Photo Fiction 3-25-18

Where can he be? I told him it started at two! I just know this is the one, I just know it! Harry took out his cell phone and called his buddy, Joe. Receiving no answer, he texted Joe, looking at the paper again.

Yes, there it was, his golden ticket. . .third race at “Lose Your Money” downs, a train ride away. Harry needed Joe to bring the rest of the money. It was no coincidence, Harry went over and over it since last night, reading the racing section to see if any horses met his criteria for a sure thing. He called Joe to tell him the good news and to bring the rest of the loot from the robbery. He knew this would be it, just like the last robbery was the last job.

Harry finally saw Joe running up the street from the train platform. However, Joe had no bag with him. “Where’s the money?” Harry yelled, he was so anxious.

“You’re not gonna believe it, I was just robbed. . .course, I can’t tell the police.”

“You’re right, I don’t believe it.”

Another day in the life of two losers.