Daily Prompt: Faceless

I choose fear for this Prompt. Most times faceless, but it looms over you like a black cloud heavy with rain or hail. The rain you don’t mind so much, you probably have an umbrella for facing it, even in heavy rain. But hail, often bold, pelting and harmful balls of ice is dangerous. Your usual protective umbrella doesn’t work. Hail damages everything around you, including your spirit. Hailing fear may get the better of you some days. You hide inside yourself, fearful of coming outside, fearing damage you may receive.

Faceless fear is the worst, because your imagination and even unwarranted thoughts plague your mind, may balloon out of control, out of the realm of common sense.A spider, snake, a threat in person, ordinary fears, you can face them. You can overcome their reality. It’s the ones in your mind it is hard to fight.



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