Wyoming State Museum Trip

Some bad photos but wanted you to see some of the history. My dad lived in a sheepherder’s wagon similar to the one in the photo below, probably smaller than this pictured one. This was before he was even a teenager, lived by himself, for weeks. The owner of the herd visited to check on things and asked him to stay but my dad was too lonely, and of course being a child, declined. My dad was born in Wyoming near the Devil’s Tower, pictured below. The sheepherding job was on Montana prairie.

Coal mining is an important industry here in Wyoming, also oil and gas. I know these are now controversial industries, but also, an important part of American history.



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  1. Is this in Cheyenne? Strange that I never visited it, or the State Capitol building. What was wrong with me? (I did have a good acquaintance with most of the bars, however. Guess it was my stage of life.)

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