Movie Monday

If you loved Robin Williams, you know he could play any character, but this is one of the best as Armand, in the “Birdcage”. There are more great performances in this comedy, including Gene Hackman and Nathan Lane, also a favorite, and hilarious in this movie. Then add the performance of Frank Azaria as Agador Spartacus, and it will keep you laughing. A favorite scene is looking at the dish ware.

In this remake of the classic French farce “La Cage aux Folles,” engaged couple Val Goldman (Dan Futterman) and Barbara Keeley (Calista Flockhart) shakily introduce their future in-laws. Val’s father, Armand (Robin Williams), a gay Miami drag club owner, pretends to be straight and attempts to hide his relationship with Albert (Nathan Lane), his life partner and the club’s flamboyant star attraction, so as to please Barbara’s father, controversial Republican Sen. Kevin Keeley (Gene Hackman).

Release date: March 8, 1996 (USA)

And this clip trying to make Nathan’s character walk with a more masculine touch.