MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt

He slid the caftan over his head, adjusting it carefully not to expose his red long johns. It was a chilly day, but everyone in the Secret Sunrise Caftan Society was required to wear the caftan with only its material visible. Too small and you could not walk properly, too large and you would reveal what had to remain unseen. He pulled on an overcoat even though early morning darkness covered him sneaking into his automobile.

He hurried to meet at the beach at precisely 5AM to watch the sunrise as a group. It was one of the no-fooling-around type rules. If you wanted to remain a member of this prestigious although secretive organization, the 5AM meetings every Tuesday were mandatory.

It seems the ancient followers of this society always faced the sun on Tuesday mornings even before calendars were known. It was instinctive, and their everyday costume was a caftan of sorts, so it was now handed down over the ages as tradition.

Joe finally arrived at the designated cove at the precise time of 5 and was happy to see other colorful caftans in attendance. Their homemade “orbs of the sun” wands all raised, they began chanting at 5:05.



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