SoCS March 17, 2018

Today did not start out well, and going downhill fast. It’s windy, cloudy, a little rain, and chilly here inside my inner sanctum. Aren’t you green with envy?

I’ve decided to watch movies and work on getting my email back. I have the new version – YUCK, and all of my old saved photos drafts, etc have gone into the vast wasteland of the internet. But, maybe I didn’t need all that info saved on my information site folder,with special saved things.

Like insurance contacts, government addresses, stock certificate turn over info, you know…, records of bill payments, stupid stuff like that. Yes I backup everything but it’s very frustrating and, well just forget it. This is such a bummer post.

Suppose it’s too early in the year for Bah Humbug…

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 17/18


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