Is someone messing with my mail?

I follow over 135 blogs which means when each blog is posted, I receive an email notifying me. Most of the time I read and comment from my email, also of course, from the Reader. Today I received no mailings at all, not from WP or from family. I mistakenly put my email in a comment response, and when I realized it, I took it off. However, my email address is on my WP profile.

I finally deleted my email server. I’ve done this with other apps and when I redo them, the problem is solved. Now I’m in deep caca. Have you ever tried to get something back like this? It won’t accept my password and after the 50 attempts at “proving I’m not a robot” I’m ready to tear my hair out. I changed the password, but still can’t retrieve my mail from the last two days. Any suggestions? Have any of you had this problem? I checked the admin site and have found one person that I’ve spammed many times. If I block these disgusting comments, they just change a letter and appear again. Has anyone had this problem? I have no idea if my problem is caused by the mail server, WordPress, iPad, or a deliberate action by someone.

Finally, I welcome solutions.


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  1. bethanyk

    I have deleted the app on my ipad and then had to reinstall the app and re put in my password. I had to change the password in the settings section though and not in the email section. Like I had to go to email in my settings not just my email itself and change the password. If it won’t accept your password then maybe you can go to another device and make sure it is the correct password and try again?
    Today I woke up and my entire wordpress was full of spam. Every time I deleted one it would appear right back again. I had to go into the admin section and block them for it to stop doing that. This hasn’t happened before so there were some serious spammer activity going on.
    If it were just with WordPress I’d say ask them for help because they are really good with helping but if it is your own email server that you are trying to add back on your ipad or tablet I would just start wtih another device, make sure the password is correct, then go back into your setttings and try again.


    1. I did that. For some reason it wouldn’t accept my current had for over a year password, so I reset it to be the current one. Dang controllers…you just have to outsmart them sometimes. I still do not receive emails from blogs I follow and wp says my boxes aren’t checked right. I checked and they are. But, hey, it’s a new day and maybe in a year or so I’ll start receiving them again. šŸ˜³


  2. When you say you deleted your email server, I don’t know what that means. Usually, your ISP runs your email server unless you use webmail such as Gmail. If you mean you went into your email client on your computer (like Outlook) and deleted the settings (though I have no idea why you would do this), you probably want to contact technical support at your ISP and tell them the problem. They can probably help you.

    In my case, I gave up using my ISP’s server and an email client and now use Gmail exclusively. Saves the headaches.

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    1. I tried, they won’t accept my password, had to reset and then those stupid I’m not a robot things, over and over. I actually think it may be WP about not receiving mails. They said my notification is off, but I already checked it, it’s still on as always. CC’d again, still on. I now have email back, but lost all my drafts, etc.šŸ˜©


  3. I wish I could help, but I have no clue what caused it or how to go about fixing it. I turned off getting emails every time someone I follow posts something new or when people like or comment on my posts. Too many emails. Now I just see new posts from those I follow in the Reader and see who liked and/or commented on my posts via notifications on the WordPress app.

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  4. šŸ˜¦ Wish I could help you, but I am so helpless with that kind of problems! I’m sending my best thoughts, and offering a comforting hug…. That’s about all the help I can provide here šŸ˜‰ xx

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