MLMM Tale Weaver 163

One of the most important things in life is appreciating the day to day, good or bad, sad or happy, it is part of this huge ball of yarn called life. It will be small as a child but there’s so much potential to add to a colorful ball. Growing and finding brand new yarn every day to add, is life’s adventure. Some strings may fall in the dirt, but you wipe them off as much as you can and add them to the rest.

The more different types, colors, sizes and origins of yarn you find, the more rich your life becomes.

By middle age the ball is probably quite large, hopefully more colorful than ever, but there is more to gather. Winding it up, placing every strand just so, isn’t a hard task, it just takes determination.

Older balls of string are simply the best. They display a whole life’s journey. The colors may have faded some and the yarn may be a bit worn and frayed, but the spirit of the ball, the meaning of it all, is your life. Being able to see it all in one big ball, you appreciate the experience.


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