Sunday Photo Fiction -Thank God for Hormones!

Gertie, I told you we should have written it down, but no, Gertie always knows best, uh huh. Ethel just leaned against the railing, too tired to go any further. They had been searching for their car in this parking garage for over thirty minutes and she was exhausted. Sixty year old knees don’t like running around on cement and the up and down ramps were taking a toll.

Gertie, ten years younger, was still in good shape but she too, was getting tired of looking for that dang car. She knew Ethel was right, she should have written it down. These new shopping malls with so many parking levels and different entrances were confusing. She didn’t even remember what entrance they chose in the first place. She thought it was the one by the hardware section of Sears. Offering that information, she was quickly ridiculed by Ethel.

Of course, all you remember is the hot looking salesman in that section, thank God for hormones!

Gertie and Ethel flagged down a young woman walking alone and she steered them to the Sears entrance they needed.

Both women were thinking the same thing: last time I’m shopping with her!

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