MLMM Bonus Wordle – The Twilight Zone

It was hard to avoid the tonal burgundy shimmer of her overcoat. She was so quick to make the journey she hadn’t thought she would stand out in the white. At the foot of the bridge she had warned him, “this is no game of Nintendo, it’s the real thing!” She let her vision sweep across the icy snow, hoping Sam would hurry along. She was anxious and excited, but could it be dangerous? She no longer cared, her curiosity took over and she was determined to find out what it was.

The virtue of the Facebook reporters, being who they were, Dedre knew better than to believe the hype. However, she and Sam had studied alien invasion theories, Area 51, UFO sightings, all of the unproven statements and articles, before. This was an entirely new and promising venture. The photographs were real; no faint, doctored black and white image, but an actual photograph in living color!

Sam reached the top of the bridge, stood by his coworker and shouted, “Eureka!” Sam was also a fan of the unknown, just not as ambitious as Dedre. Their mundane office jobs were rarely an invitation to greatness, but he viewed the phenomena with anticipation. “I didn’t really believe it until now! How close do you think we should get?”

Dedre was about to reply when a covey of helicopters appeared, surrounding them in a threatening manner. A voice from thin air shouted, “on your knees! You are in a restricted area!” With that announcement a few uniformed men dropped down from the vehicles and they were led out of the area in handcuffs.


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