Time to Write 7 – Appearances

It was their castle. A humble abode when viewed by the outside world, but every stone, mortar and glass piece was holding their love inside. The years had gone by quickly and even though some of the exterior had crumbled through time, the inside was acceptably complete. The interior was warmed by a small stone fireplace, and wooden floors. A kitchen that held only the required number of pots for a good meal, and an ancient icebox, made into a refrigerator. The fireplace had an iron rig to hold pots, but they also had a small gas stove. The bedroom held a featherbed adorned by homemade quilts and soft pillows. The windows were placed to observe the rising and setting sun. A garden with necessary ingredients was well maintained with flowers decorating the edges.

The castle was built by the two of them, bit by bit over a few years on a meager income. “Hard work and dedication is all it takes” he remembered his father saying. And so it was. But the emphasis on structure didn’t come from his parents. It came as a result of seeing the dream, the first vision of his soon to be wife, that it all fell into place.

He saw her at the edge of a lake. He was riding by on his bicycle, when a sunny glint on the water caught his attention. It was then he saw her, framed by the sunlight. He looked again, as if he couldn’t believe what he saw. From that day on, he took that bicycle path to work everyday, hoping to see her again.

She noticed him, but didn’t think too much of it until she saw him going by repeatedly, and decided to return his smile. That was the beginning of her dream. After a time, their dreams blended and they decided to live and build a home together. It was modest, but sound. The great amount of love inside the structure kept it so.


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