Secret Keeper #127

Have you ever just craved something so strongly you would give or do anything to get it? This was my plight. After spending months with no sleep until seven to ten in the morning, losing all urges to rise at all, finally it came to an end last night. I awoke feeling rested at six this morning. I had tried everything, heavy comforter, extra pillows, and headphones, which by the way are uncomfortable when you sleep on your side, therefore defeating the purpose.

I live in a first floor apartment and my upstairs neighbors seem to awake at ten at night and do various household chores such as vacuuming, washing, drying, and moving furniture. I understand people have different schedules, but I wish they had chosen a first floor residence instead of the one over my small apartment.

Their nighttime activities really start to take off around eleven when they choose to roughhouse with their dog, playing catch with what must be a pretty large ball, playing music and having the occasional screaming session. I admit I’ve had a screaming session or three but that was in a home, with no close neighbors. I mean I was married, it comes with the territory for most. It is every night. So I did the horrible thing.

I wrote a complaint letter to the apartment management at twelve-thirty at night and said I was angry that nothing had been done to either quiet or move these people. The next morning, yesterday, I received a reply. They were served with a noise and pet violation. Last night the dog activity started at ten, and I thought great, nothing’s changed. But a miracle happened, at ten-thirty it was quiet.

After a good night’s sleep I feel like a new old woman!


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