FFfAW 2-6-18 Flappy Flip Flop

“Eureka! I see the tracks! We’ll find it soon, my friend. No more worries, your wife will be pleased!”

It had been three days that Mona had been confined to her bed. Three days of Charlie waiting on her hand and foot, and he was tired of it. Husbandly duties aside, Mona was a constant complainer. A good old roll in the hay once a month was all she required. The rest of the month she would shuffle around the house in those sandles, the floppy ones that make that flap noise with every step. Charlie always stayed out of the house during the day so he wouldn’t hear it.

While Mona couldn’t possibly step outside her bed without the sandal, Charlie confessed he didn’t miss the flapping.

“Found it!” Charlie’s respite of noise over.

141 words