Time to Write 42 – The Hair Affair

“It was an accident ” That is all Mary kept repeating, crocodile tears running down her face. Meanwhile her little sister sat across the room, on a stool, with an innocent smile. Being only three, she didn’t know her big sister was in trouble and just enjoyed the attention.

“You know better than to use the scissors without me and now look what you’ve done!” Mary’s mother was very upset as she swept up the beautiful blonde curls she adored. Her daughter Lizzie’s head was now a mass of medium length stubble.

Mary looked up for a second and winked at Lizzie. She really did love her sister, but hearing every day how beautiful her long blonde locks were, it was time for a change. She wiped away the false sadness and told her mother she was sorry. Mary then retreated to her room which was her punishment. Looking into her mirror, she slowly brushed her long brown hair.

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 42

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