Sunday Photo Fiction

“That’s enough leaves to cover the grave. I don’t think there will be anyone out looking for her anyway.”

“I reckon you’re right. She was a miserable old woman, but I wish we hadn’t come out here looking for jobs. It was an accident, Harry. Are you sure we need to bury her out here and not report it?”

Harry ignored his friend and kept digging. A small town with plenty of gossips? What did Mike think would happen? No one was going to believe she fell on that shovel. . .backwards. She was disliked and no one would be sad at her demise. Widowed, rich, refusing to reopen the only business in town after her husband passed, who would? The two men tried not to feel guilty, as their thoughts turned to the general knowledge she kept money stashed in the house.

Mike was also aware of the town’s plight, but couldn’t help having second thoughts about the accident. They didn’t mean to scare the old lady. They had dropped by to see if she needed any work done for quick cash. She didn’t hear them approach, was startled and fell back on the shovel.

That’s their story.


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