MLMM Saturday Mix 2-3-18

Emmet Kelly


Clowns, here’s the thing

They may make you laugh

Some have frowns, appear sad

Have a frown, show tearing

They might make you cry

Some are ugly, give a fright

No handsome man hidden

They come mostly at night

Or with ghosts being ridden

Into your bedroom, not a circus

Those in particular do not amuse us

The most scary one I found in a book

Stephen King’s “It” was all it took

Not a fan of clowns, of any sort But for this Prompt, this is my report.


7 thoughts on “MLMM Saturday Mix 2-3-18

    1. I just read your Feb 1st post. What a lovely story. I too love celery, add celery salt to egg salad and can’t make tuna without crunchy celery. I’m with you with the V8 also. I’ve even ordered, a million years ago, a Bloody Mary with no liquor!😂

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